3 Simple steps to become a UI UX engineer in 2021

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UX Engineer

The word UI UX engineer was coined by Google Inc. The idea was to have someone who fully understands and be the bridge between UX/UX Design and frontend development.

However UI UX engineer is still not yet a popular career path as UX Design, Product Design, UX Researcher and Frontend development are still trending path and they are having more demand compared to UI UX Engineer, but however it a great you want to become a UI UX Engineer because by 2021/2022 it will be what 80% of companies in the world will be demanding and setting yourself up to learn this will give you an edge over others.

The 3 Steps of becoming a UX / UI Engineer

STEP 1 to become a UI UX Designer

UI UX Design

Learning UI UX Design, you will need to learn the following below.

  • UX Design ( UX Research, User Empathy, User Personal, Wireframe,)
  • UI Design ( Mockup Design, Design prototyping, General Design principle which includes – colour blending, typography, iconography etc)

I have a course that will teach you and make you a better UI UX Designer in less than 14 days with a full case study of a hospital app. Web & Mobile. Click here

STEP 2: Becoming a Frontend Developer

Frontend Development

Learning Frontend Design/Development you will need to learn this follow below

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

I recommend www.w3schools.com to learn HTML,CSS & Javascript.

STEP 3: Putting all these together

The final step is your putting all these (UX and frontend development) together which require you to design a product and developed it to the frontend stage or supervise a team through the design to the front development stage.


Becoming a UI / UX Engineer is not difficult all you need to is to put in the time and passion for it. in less than 3 to 4 months you will be able to achieve it.

Comment below if you need more help and advise.


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