5 things that kept me sane this year and how it can help you to become better in 2021

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As the year (2020) is wrapping to an end I have decided to share with you a few things that I did that kept me sane despite all the whole event that happened this year which affected businesses and lives negatively.

Here are the 5 things I did to keep my sanity during the year include the Covid-19 lockdown period.

  1.  The word of God (Spiritual Life)
    This year despite the covid-19 lockdown which also affected physical church service, I read and listen to the word of God was one of the things that kept me sane and also give me hope for better tomorrow and knowing fully well despite the whole struggles God plans for me is of good and to give me an expected end.

    Apply this more in  2021 will not only build your spiritual life but will keep you more confidence no matter the situation of life.

  2. Daily Meditation / Self Affirmation
    Earlier this year I subscribe to a daily meditation app (Waking Up with Sam) though to my initial idea of subscribing to this app was to reduce the amount of stress in my life due to a load of tasks and also have time to create self-awareness, but during the  COVID-19 lockdown I was using the app every morning before starting my day, I started notice a lot of self insecurities, mind limiting believes within me and using the app the way I view the world and situation in my life and outside my life totally changed I no longer carry this heavy burden of pleading people or trying to self-limiting believe.

    Daily meditation will do a lot of good for your mental state in 2021 if you start using it, you can trust me on this.

  3. Reading (Read Wide) RWW
    Obviously reading is something you can take away from a wise person and it a means to connect with great people and there thought and perspective to an idea or subject, however I added reading because I wasn’t really a reading type in terms of general reading, I only focus reading towards my line of career. This year I decide to start reading outside my field and I discovered that it even help me to becoming better and bring fresh perspective and ideas to my field.

    In 2021, don’t limit reading to only your field of study or career alone, read wide and you will be amaze how that will help you grow even better.

  4. Exercise
    You cant take away the benefit of exercise in humans lives but most of us are still very busy to spare even 10 minutes to exercise, this year I decide spare 15 minutes daily for exercising you woundn’t believe like 60% of my stress drastically reduced and it even gives me a great boost run the day apart from helping burning out fat. After the lockdown was call off in my country almost 80% of my friends where all looking very chubby and they kept asking me how did I not get fat during this period, well daily exercise was the secret.

    Exercise should be part of your daily routine in 2021 if you want to set a great tone for each day, stay positive and note you dont have to subscibe at the gym house you can download fitness app on your mobile phone “Home WorkOut App” that is what I am using.

  5. Learning (New Things)
    We all know the importance of learning and how curiosity drive us to expand my knowledge bank, learning new things are part of what that kept me sane this year, during the lockdown I set a calender/time to focus on learn a particular thing and which at the end of this year am very proud and I will look back despite the whole negative things that happen and still see what I will be grateful for that I learnt.

    Learning should be part of your hobby and lifestyle in 2021 as the world is constantly evolving even at a faster rate this time learn should not just be a task but it should be part of your life if you will have to survive what the rest of 2021 and beyond hold for the world.



Applying all these kept me going and will make me look back at 2020 and still be grateful for it and hope for a better 2021.
Happy new year to you.

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