A letter to myself on the anniversary of my birth – Part 2

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Sylvester Nnachi Birthday

10th of October always give me a room of reflecting how far I have come in life and all my disciplines, morals and life achievements, today marks the second time am publishing a post titled a letter to myself on my birth anniversary here is the link to the first post on medium.

2020 have been a year for me that comes with its bad and good, but the major thing is the experience they all gives. This year the company I am working for had a serious financial setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic which affected our clients (staff was laid off, salaries was slash massively), I lose a huge amount of money in cryptocurrency investment and same year i took the risk of starting my own design agency, getting an office at Coker Road, Surulere Lagos Nigeria.


Things I have learnt is this year

  • Take risk and hope for the best, don’t ever give in to fear: If I was told I will be running an agency office this year, I would not have believed it even with the whole global economic meltdown I was still able to acquire an office and run business.


  • Inner Peace: One of the thing that affected me so much in my lifetime was I worry about what people will say and think of me which on the actual fact limited me greatly, but during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown I was able to do a deep reset on myself and found out that I care a lot of what people will say or think about me and I couldn’t dare much of greatness, but I decide to switch things up onward.


  • Health: I read books talking about taking care of your health both mentally and physically, but I never took it seriously in the past until I had serious health issues losing my hair, having chronic stress, sleepless night and another health issues. I started working toward creating a better health plan for myself.


  • Leisure Time: I know it very rewarding to work extremely hard but if you don’t balance it by creating leisure time for yourself, your family it will not only affect your health but also affect your relationship, no matter how busy you create time to rest, see movies, family time, friends time and reset your mind. Doing this helps me this year greatly.


  • Self Belief: I was watching  Nicolas Anieka documentary on Netflix when he said he doesn’t believe anybody is better than him, he is the best and that all he knows, that resonated with me. In the past, I use to compare my life and progress with people and always find where they are better than me, but the documentary gave me a fresh insight on believing in myself and myself alone.


  •  Planning & Focus: I can stress the importance to this enough but let me talk about planning and focusing a little, I starting using google calendar last year to plan my day, it was quite helpful but I notice I was quite distracted a lot when working on my place, not until I started noticing that I wasn’t focused because of social media notification & my cell phone, if only we know the amount of damage social media and phone notification is doing to our focus level. so I created time where I put my phone on no disturb mood and create time where I can answer to all notification and chat and suddenly my focus level went high and my productivity increased.


To end the letter with this, growing is a continues process and a journey, not a destination let all keep striving toward greatness and perfection.

I remain Sylvester Nnachi (UX Design in Lagos Nigeria)


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