A letter to myself on the anniversary of my birth – Part 3

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10th of October always give me room of reflecting on how far I have come in life and all my disciplines, morals and life achievements, today marks the third time am publishing a post titled a letter to myself on my birth anniversary.

This year I decided to do it a little differently and also on a very quiet method thinking how my next birthday would be and to actually accomplished 60% of my life ambitions.

2021 has been a very busy year for me in terms of work and executing projects for clients home and abroad this took the better part of my time in 2021, I couldn’t have time to check of myself and my health, my stress level spike up drastically but despite all these, I was still able to learn things that have changed and will keep changing my life which I thought I will want to share with you guys.


Things I have learnt is this year (2021)

Relationship –  In the past, I use to end relationships with people without creating room for future communication which this year I came to notice has really hinder me greatly in my past. I once heard a quote saying “Your network is your net-worth” and also “People you know are the ladder to your success” so knowing people and having a network of people is good but what is your relationship with them. In other words, having a good and communicable relationship with people is a great asset that can a future potential to help you fasten goal attainment.

Emotions – Emotional management is very important in life but I didn’t really know how important it is until a better part of this year, though emotion still also deal with the first list we pointed out which was a relationship I have learnt to know these, everyone is not the same and will never be the same learn to deal with people and have an empathy view to there opinion will give you an edge in all works of life. Emotion management is recommended if you will be best.

Health – on my A letter to myself on the anniversary of my birth – Part 2 I talked about health but this year I am bringing it up because taking care of yourself is beyond you exercise and eating good food but your dressing and grooming have a lot to say about you. I notice this year 2021 I have been judged wrongly just because of the way I poorly dress and groom. We are a visual world people don’t see what you are made of at first sight but they see your appearance. You heard the quote that says “Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately  75% in the world do judge by it. because the world is visual. Your grooming and dressing should be part of your A list on health too.

Stress Management – This was one of my major challenges for the year, earlier I mentioned how I got a lot busy this year but I wasn’t able to manage the stress which actually came back to hurt me but I have to pause and figure out a way. Part of what I do is to have a full day off not to even design, code or do anything mind tasking that is apart from getting a good night rest. I decide to choose Sunday or sometimes weekends for this to your use it refresh myself for the task ahead of the week.

To end the letter with this, growing is a continuous process and a journey, not a destination let all keep striving toward greatness and perfection.

I remain Sylvester Nnachi (UX Designer in Lagos Nigeria)


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