A letter to myself on the anniversary of my birth – Part 4

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Every 10th of October is a time for me to do a profound reflection on my life so far and how I have been fairing this year’s own will be no exception as it has helped me to focus on what really important in life as I am ageing gracefully.

This year has been hectic for me after my birthday last year(2021) I had a lump on my finger which start getting bigger has months went by I decided to visit the hospital to do a surgical removal of it by June this year it was a trying time for me I am glad God help me through this.


Things I have learnt this year (2022)

I will list most of what I mentioned in my birthday anniversary letter last year but with another insight


Believe it or not, Life is spiritual as you intend to grow in all your life activities do not neglect the spiritual aspect of life, you can always start with the basics of being grateful for life and saying a word of pray every day.


Beyond meeting people and creating awesome relationships with them either business or personal learn to manage people; I have come to understand that if you must excel with people who work under you or people that work under you you must learn to manage their shortcomings and set a healthy boundaries


Health is something the more I talk about it each year the more I see the importance as I grow older, I have been writing about health every year on my blog but this time around I want to come from the aspect of healthy living, I leant you must mind what you eat, drink and every activity you do however I understand we are in a busy world where we work extremely for our daily bread and nearly have time to rest and refresh ourselves, however, it is very important if you want to live long on earth and be healthy.
Exercise,  eat good food, sleep 6 – 8 hours daily, and create time for recreational activities.



Continuous Learning

Learning is a lifetime activity which must not be stopped at any point in life I was watching a self-help video on youtube by Alux where they mentioned things you need to do when you have money and they mentioned people don’t like subscribing to programs/apps that will help them grow either in the personal life or career they tend to use that money to do something that doesn’t benefit them on the long run.

I have learned to start paying a subscription fee to programs that will improve my life and career and the funny thing is they are not as expensive some of us subscribe to Netflix and other programs and we are paying monthly for it, if we can do that for entertainment activities then why can’t we do same for programs that can improve our life and career.

To end the letter with this, growing is a continuous process and a journey, not a destination let all keep striving toward greatness and perfection.

I remain Sylvester Nnachi (UX Designer in Lagos Nigeria)

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