Sylvester – UX Designer in Lagos Nigeria

My name is Sylvester Nnachi, I’m a UX designer & Frontend Developer from Nigeria, I am theĀ  Co-Founder & Lead Designer at Vestarplus.comĀ working with some of the most talented folks I’ve ever met, creating ways to empower people to experience the world.

Before starting out vestarPlus, I worked at Complete Marketing Service, GIGM (God is Good Motors), TechAdvance – A FINTECH company whose current venture to use A.I to make payment and pay bills and worked at RightCom.

My past experiences cut across working with small to large companies, co-founding a startup, and helping to build other startups. Previously, I have had to work across multiple roles including – product design, print design and web development but these days my interests lie more in strategy, design-thinking, experimentation, user research, usability testing and front-end implementation.

I have a background in graphic design, architecture and urban planning. In my spare time, I love to play video games, create art, and take pictures. I’m currently available for projects, but if you have any, you can contact me.