It’s time to fully move away from Adobe XD

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It’s no longer news to us (UX designers) about the biggest tech acquisition which happened between Adobe Inc and figma owners, apparently Adobe Inc acquired figma which has it advantages and disadvantages but that is not what I am here to write about, however doing the press release of Adobe inc in the success of acquiring figma they said they will not temper the core concept of figma like the community and also the free plans.

My main write up is for us who uses Adobe XD often and has been lock to Adobe XD eco system.

Few days after the acquisition Adobe Inc released a statement sighting full technical and innovative support for figma team. Knowing fully well Figma has won the UX design tool battle.

I think it’s time to start migrating your designs to Figma, if you have not start using Figma this is the best time to learn it as it’s quite simple to learn but the point am drawing out here and from the crypt message Adobe inc has been saying lately they might stop support for Adobe XD and inventually kill it off just as they did to there past softwares like fireworks, flash etc.

Why will Adobe kill XD for Figma?

1. Figma has already won the heart of lot of UX designers as they currently have the highest number of users using it for daily designs


2. Figma was able to achieve browser base design application which was one of the reasons figma had lot of users it saves you from installing on your computer


3. Figma has the best collaboration and cloud savingĀ  design application, figma collaboration is one of the best out there, adobe XD has not been able to succeed with cloud collaboration up till this date the last updated they did was just total mess as you will always be prompt to accept remote change from your colleagues and if you don’t accept the change or mistakenly click something else your colleagues design will not be saving which is very frustrating.


I could mention alot more, but note this that Adobe Inc has seen all these advantages which figma has and maintaining the two softwares will cost them more resources and it will make no sense so I am very certain sometime in the future Adobe Inc will stop support for Adobe XD and inventually take out the software from the market.


But as designers that is growing and involving you don’t want to wait for such time before you start planning yourself the signs are there.


Start learning figma, I know it will be quite challenging changing a tool you are already used to, but this is why you are a UX designer you adapt to change and the ever evolving world we are living in.

Keep learning and keep evolving this is our motto as a ux designer.


Let me know your thoughts about what you think in the comment section below.


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