Players behaviour towards sponsor brands

Wednesday June 16, 2021 - Tags: , ,

Euro 2020 football competition has been ongoing for the last one week now and a lot of scenes unfolded, the one I want to express my concern about is the way footballers are behaving towards major brand competition sponsors.

From Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) removing a bottle of coca-cola from the press stand to Paul Pogba (France) removing a bottle of Heineken from the press stand this behaviour is affecting the brands involved in this as such behaviour has made coca-cola to lost close to $2 billion on the stock exchange. My take on this is, UEFA and other football governing bodies should caution players from such behaviour if they have a personal opinion about a particular brand they should create their own video expressing the concern about the brand rather than displaying this petty behaviour towards brands that are major sponsors to the competition which they are participating in.

The future impact of this behaviour.

If nothing is done about these players petty acts towards sponsoring brands, brands will stop sponsoring football competitions to avoid players with influence displaying negativity towards their products and in the long run, it will affect football competition and you know football is a business.

I hope FIFA and UEFA will really look into this for the love of football and business.

This is my opinion,  Let me know what you think.



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