Salary Range of a UX Designer in Nigeria

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UX Design Salary range in Nigeria

How much should I charge as my monthly or annual salary working as a UX designer in Nigeria? I have been asked this question multiple times by UX designers even graphic designers trying to move into the UX design field well, what I usually say is there is no rule book or fix price to charge but I will give you range depending on the level you are applying for.

Since many companies have seen the importance of putting customer experience as a top priority when creating products these have giving UX design job an important role and in high demand.

This is the right time to be a UX designer because your skill is in high demand and also the user experience you give will either make the product successful or make the product less successful, this is why the salary range you charge matters.

You must clearly understand the role you are playing, other multinational companies divided the role into two, where we have UX Researchers and UI Designer creating a division of labour as both disciplines are wide, but taking about UX designer in Nigeria been fully aware that at this moment am writing this article 29th October 2020, 90% of the companies in Nigeria employe you as a UX designer expect you to perform both the role of a UX researcher and a UI designer.

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Back to the salary range, as a UX designer depending on the level you are applying for on a general role you should be earning from NGN 600,000.00 to NGN 6,000,000.00 per annum. I will place that into deferent levels.

accord to they estimate a junior UX designer should earn between NGN600k upward per annum while intermediate, senior designers should be NGN900k – NGN 2 Million

Well, I didn’t quite agree with range but from my perspective and the rapid demand and popularity of UX designers the range of junior UX designers should be between NGN 900,000.00 – NGN 2,000,000 per annum.

While Senior UX designers & UX design leads should be NGN 3,000,000 – NGN 6,000,000 per annum.

Remember it still boils down to the understanding of the level you are applying for and also your role job description (JD), there some UX designer that will be required to convert their web mockup to a static website, which means you must be averagely good with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

in summary, know what you are bringing to the table and negotiate base on it.

Let me know what you think about the range. comment below.

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