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Utiva Tech Scholarship Masterclass

Tuesday April 26, 2022

Hey friend, I am being invited to speak on Utiva’s Learn Tech With Pamilerin Scholarship Masterclass,  Utiva is a tech school that offers learning programs that are designed by industry knowledge experts and co-created with leading companies. In 2021, I was a guest tutor on the product design cohort, during which I had a great […]

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XD, Figma and Sketch my take on which is best to use

Sunday October 17, 2021

As the need for UI/UX design keeps increasing a lot of people are also choosing these career part to solve product challenges, but these major questions keep coming up which is the best tools to use as a UX designer? XD, Figma or Sketch. Let’s start with Adobe XD, Adobe XD is a great UX […]

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How I solved the long-anticipated edit tweet features on Twitter

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Godwin Chris, (a top social media) influencer on Twitter has over 5 million active followers, Chris talks about digital marketing and business startup which he uses his tweets as means of educating his followers about the importance of digital marketing in today’s business strategy. One day it Chris decided to run an online programme to […]

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Lesson learnt from a speedboat reality show as a ux designer

Tuesday August 17, 2021

Design is good but functionality should be the priority, this thought came to my mind as I finish watching a TV show where two-team of engineers were stage to create an airbag speedboat that can ride on land and water. The idea was to grade the teams and pick out the winner with a winning […]

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Design advice for 2021

Monday December 28, 2020

I got this piece of advice from a design book which stressed the need of knowledge of design principles which includes grid, layout, colours, typography, and composition. I notice 70% of newbie or junior designers don’t really want to go through the phase of design principles rather they want to jump on learning the end […]

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