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Download premium design templates straight to figma or webflow for free

Saturday October 15, 2022

As UX designers we often need some platforms where we can get some great premium designs template and inspiration to help kick-start your project. finding a great resource has been a challenge for some of us in terms of doing this research to discover these premium/freemium website such. So I discovered this one which I […]

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How I solved the long-anticipated edit tweet features on Twitter

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Godwin Chris, (a top social media) influencer on Twitter has over 5 million active followers, Chris talks about digital marketing and business startup which he uses his tweets as means of educating his followers about the importance of digital marketing in today’s business strategy. One day it Chris decided to run an online programme to […]

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Lesson learnt from a speedboat reality show as a ux designer

Tuesday August 17, 2021

Design is good but functionality should be the priority, this thought came to my mind as I finish watching a TV show where two-team of engineers were stage to create an airbag speedboat that can ride on land and water. The idea was to grade the teams and pick out the winner with a winning […]

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3 Simple steps to become a UI UX engineer in 2021

Saturday December 26, 2020

The word UI UX engineer was coined by Google Inc. The idea was to have someone who fully understands and be the bridge between UX/UX Design and frontend development. However UI UX engineer is still not yet a popular career path as UX Design, Product Design, UX Researcher and Frontend development are still trending path […]

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The new modern-day factory workers (Digital factory workers)

Tuesday December 1, 2020

I couldn’t agree less with my friend @precious_m_e when he said designers, software developers, product managers etc are the modern-day factory workers aka digital factory workers, remembering the popular saying that the process of school education wired students to be job seekers rather than being innovative. I always try to be different even after my […]

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