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A letter to myself on the anniversary of my birth – Part 4

Monday October 10, 2022

Every 10th of October is a time for me to do a profound reflection on my life so far and how I have been fairing this year’s own will be no exception as it has helped me to focus on what really important in life as I am ageing gracefully. This year has been hectic […]

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A letter to myself on the anniversary of my birth – Part 3

Monday October 11, 2021

10th of October always give me room of reflecting on how far I have come in life and all my disciplines, morals and life achievements, today marks the third time am publishing a post titled a letter to myself on my birth anniversary. This year I decided to do it a little differently and also […]

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Players behaviour towards sponsor brands

Wednesday June 16, 2021

Euro 2020 football competition has been ongoing for the last one week now and a lot of scenes unfolded, the one I want to express my concern about is the way footballers are behaving towards major brand competition sponsors. From Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) removing a bottle of coca-cola from the press stand to Paul Pogba […]

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5 things that kept me sane this year and how it can help you to become better in 2021

Wednesday December 30, 2020

As the year (2020) is wrapping to an end I have decided to share with you a few things that I did that kept me sane despite all the whole event that happened this year which affected businesses and lives negatively. Here are the 5 things I did to keep my sanity during the year […]

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