The new modern-day factory workers (Digital factory workers)

Tuesday December 1, 2020 - Tags: , ,

I couldn’t agree less with my friend @precious_m_e when he said designers, software developers, product managers etc are the modern-day factory workers aka digital factory workers, remembering the popular saying that the process of school education wired students to be job seekers rather than being innovative.

I always try to be different even after my school days, learning graphics, web design/development I found myself in the space of pay job which I did but after a while I found myself moving from job to job and only been proud of high salary I’m earning and also how big the organization am working for is.

During the COVID-19 period lockdown, I realize how we all have been wired to think, even if we know what it takes to invent and start-up an idea, we don’t want to because we think of the benefits of working for a well know establishment and this is what I notice among 80% of tech people.

An eye-opening story

I was in my boss office in 2018, making some design modification when his friend (CFO) walked in and was discussing with him about he wanted the tech team to create a super complex app in 1 week and how he will need to push the team to make that possible, it was clear me to we are just factory workers, from there on I started the process of ending my 9 – 5 work journey.

I have seen a lot of tech guys spending so much time with 100 days of design challenge, Figma challenge, 100 days of code challenge, JS challenge. well, they are all good and great but as you are learning all these and improving on your skills, use it to create innovative ideas, startup.

If Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate, Steve Job etc all use there skill to work for top organizations alone without innovating their ideas, we might not have been great and celebrated the way they are now.


Designers, developers, product managers should use their skills to create, innovate and start up a problem-solving idea rather than spending more of there youthful strength chasing for jobs where the CEO’s see you as a factory worker giving you an impossible task and timeline.

NB: I am by no means discouraging you from working to gain more experience and awareness, what am citing is you shouldn’t spend much all your career life span moving from my film to the other it time for you to be creative, be innovative, startup your idea.

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