Top 5 channels that will make you a better designer

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When it comes to learning, what do you prefer? Reading or watching videos? well, if you tired of a lot of design content online that doesn’t give you much value or achieve your design desire goals, here are the top 5 design channels that will improve you as a designer and  75% of the top designers you know all over the world are all subscribers to these channels.

Here are the top 5 channels:


If you have ever heard Chris Do, then you should be familiar with his youtube channel call thefutur which is base on talking and teaching about the business of design and branding which is full of insightful ideas, I highly recommend you check the channel and subscribe to learn more and improve your design craft.


PSDBox has been know to be one of the top design channels that focus majorly on design and image manipulation using photoshop and adobe illustrator, with a comprehensive step by step process to create an awesome design. if you want to improve your photoshop manipulating skills go check it out


T&T Tutorials

T&T Tutorials is one of the design channels that really sharpen my illustration skill. This channel has been set up for years to teach illustration, branding, logo design and digital drawing using adobe illustrator. T & T Tutorial will help you master the art of digital illustration.


Teach Me To Design

Tech me to design is a channel that cut across teaching multi-design discipline for designers with has a lot of trending design tricks, videos and concepts which has really improve many designers around the world about 60% of top designers recommend this channels to young and newbie designers.


School of Design

The least of it is the School of design channel which talks about design, UI & UX design and other creative on youtube started in 2019 and it one of the few Nigerian youtube educative channels.

In conclusion 

These 5 channels have helped grow a lot of designers and 70% of top designers still visit the channel often to get insight and inspiration for there craft.
Don’t be left out in expanding your learning curve with these channels.

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