XD, Figma and Sketch my take on which is best to use

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As the need for UI/UX design keeps increasing a lot of people are also choosing these career part to solve product challenges, but these major questions keep coming up which is the best tools to use as a UX designer? XD, Figma or Sketch.

Let’s start with Adobe XD,

Adobe XD is a great UX design tool that you can use to create awesome UI/UX design and their prototyping is one of the best have used so far they keep improving on it and updating the software almost every month.

XD is free to use but they have a paid plan if you want your work to save on adobe cloud and for your to pretty much share your prototype link with a client.

Figma is also another awesome UX design tool I started using it recently and I have been amazing about it, first Figma allows you to use it on the browser if you don’t want to install the software on your PC which I found very intuitive and also it free to use just and you can share your screen and save in Figma cloud for free which is the major reason why a lot of people are using Figma a bit cost-effective compare of XD. But in comparing Figma prototyping to XD prototyping, I think I will give it to XD over Figma (this is my personal opinion on it).

Sketch personally for me I have only used sketch once but I know Sketch is a great UX design tool but majorly for Mac users which also allows online collaboration like Figma and Adobe XD.

Comparing these tools (My take on them)

these 3 tools are all great, I don’t usually tell designers that any of these tools is better than any but what matters is try your hand on the 3 of them, see the one that you can work best with for me, I am good with using XD and Figma a lot what matters are the design principle you know and not the tools.

Design principle like

Colours – Contract
Iconography / illustration / images
Spacing –
Grid Layout and more.


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